Business Change Academy offers training path to reduce business analyst skills shortage

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Trainee business analysts showing off their certificates after taking first step on business analysis career path.

Business Change Academy offers an industry standard, flexible and modular training programme, enabling organisations to transition their existing staff into the business analyst role smoothly.

With business analysts in high demand, and the market only expected to increase for the foreseeable future, organisations are experiencing considerable challenges in recruiting for business analysis skills. It’s proving difficult for many organisations to recruit business analysts, as employers are finding a significant shortage of qualified and available people. And then, with the high cost of recruitment, finding the right person is a time-consuming and expensive risk.

“Business analysis is such an in-demand skill. And finding good, experienced business analysts is tough, really tough. So many companies are struggling to recruit right now,” says Joe Newbert, Chief Training Officer at BCA. “And hiring is usually a pretty lengthy process, with a potentially unknown outcome. Will you find the right person? Even if you do, will they accept the job? And even if they do, how long will it take them to acclimatise to the organisation?”

Business Change Academy eases this problem by providing a training programme to develop existing employees, such as SMEs, into the business analyst role. At a lower cost compared to recruitment, the transition is also smoother as existing employees are already familiar with the organisation, people, processes and IT. And with career development consistently ranked as a primary reason employees leave their jobs, providing them with growth opportunities in-house is an intelligent approach.

“When it comes to the cost of training employees versus the cost of recruiting, training is the clear winner, and organisations must do more to grow their own business analysts. Overlooking your existing talent pool is a mistake – they’ll be people ready for a change, a new challenge and new responsibilities. And, besides, they already know the ropes. They’ve got the insider knowledge you need to keep business on track while the change flows – on culture and fit,” says Newbert.

Business Change Academy’s internationally accredited, flexible and modular training programme delivers immediate and long-term benefits for individuals and organisations. Trainee business analysts are advanced from BA Foundation to BA Practitioner using an industry-standard framework to map their skills and set goals along a defined career path.

If you want more information about transitioning employees onto the business analyst career path, please e-mail [email protected]

Business Change Academy (BCA)

Business Change Academy (BCA) is South Africa’s much-loved business analysis training company providing internationally recognised qualifications to help business analysts grow their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Our BCS and IIBA accredited diploma programmes and certificate courses cover the full spectrum of business analysis: strategy, business, process, systems, requirements, change, and benefits. With modules that start foundational and expert-up to meet our customer’s needs at every stage of their career.

Today, more than 100,000 professionals across more than 150 countries are certified with BCS to show they have developed the latest specialist analytical, business, and personal skills.

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